Flemington School

Central Hawke's Bay • New Zealand

School Contact Details

Phone: 06 855 4860

Other Phone Line:
06 6509525

Email: office@flemington.school.nz

Principal: principal@flemington.school.nz

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events available

Term Dates 2022

Term 1: Fri 4th Feb (TOD - No Children) - Tues 8th Feb Children Start —  Thurs 14th April
Term 2: Mon 2nd May — Fri 10th July
Term 3: Mon 25th Jul — Fri 30th Sept
Term 4: Mon 17th Oct —  Tues 20th Dec


Public Holidays:

  • Waitangi Day: Monday 7th Feb
  • Queen’s Birthday: Monday 6th June
  • Matariki: Friday 24th June
  • HB Anniversary Day: Friday 21st October
  • Labour Day: Monday 24th October


Educational Excellence and Success

Flemington School Behaviour Plan

The Behaviour Plan below was developed in 2014 in conjunction with the parents / caregivers, board, support agencies and staff. It has helped to develop a great atmosphere and culture around school where learning how to do things better is the norm regardless of whether the conrtext is academic learning, social interactions or managing our behaviour. 

The philosophy of managing behaviour is very much around supporting the children in learning the skills, knowledge, language and attitudes that will help them become better children, young people and adults who can manage their own behaviour so the best ourcomes are reached, for all concerned.

This plan is based on a Restorative approach rather than a Punitive approach to managing children's behaviour. 

The school does not accept any form of bullying or any anti-social behaviour- the long term goal is to help all children beocme better people and be able to contribute to a great environment. 

Flemington School Behaviour Plan 2022.pdf1.24 MB