Flemington School

Central Hawke's Bay • New Zealand

School Contact Details

Phone: 06 855 4860

Other Phone Line:
06 6509525

Email: office@flemington.school.nz

Principal: principal@flemington.school.nz

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events available

Term Dates 2021

Term 1: Tues 2 Feb —  Fri 16 April
Term 2: Mon 3 May — Fri 9 July
Term 3: Mon 26 Jul — Fri 1 Oct
Term 4: Mon 18 Oct —  Wed 15 Dec


Public Holidays:

  • Waitangi Day: Monday 8 Feb
  • Easter Friday: 2 April
  • Easter Monday: 5 April
  • Easter Tuesday: 6 April
  • Queen’s Birthday: Monday 7 June
  • HB Anniversary Day: Friday 22 October
  • Labour Day: Monday 25 October


Educational Excellence and Success

Flemington School Policies

The evolution of school policies has led to many changes to the documentation over the years since Tomorrows Schools was first implemented in 1988.

It has now evolved again to having our Policeis and Procedures managed online by School Docs.

This is the link to Flemington School's School Docs page:     Flemington School Docs

Parents are informed of the User Name and Password to access the webpage through the newsletter, emails and as a link on the Flemington School App.

We have maintained the pre-existing Flemington School Policies but they have been superseded by the School Docs Page and will be removed in time.

We will continue to list some specific Policies or Flowcharts from the School Docs site for ready access. 

FS Taha Maori (NAG 1).pdf103.38 KB
FS Complaints and Concerns Policy (NAG 3).pdf91.01 KB
FS Complaints to BOT Procedure (NAG 3).pdf113.12 KB
FS Complaints Flowchart Procedure (NAG 3).pdf219.88 KB