Flemington School

Central Hawke's Bay • New Zealand

School Contact Details

Phone: 06 855 4860

Other Phone Line:
06 6509525

Email: office@flemington.school.nz

Principal: principal@flemington.school.nz

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events available

Term Dates 2020

Term 1: Mon 3 Feb —  9 April
Term 2: Mon 28 Apr — 3 July
Term 3: Mon 20 Jul — 25 Sept
Term 4: Mon 12 Oct —  17 Dec


Public Holidays:
Waitangi Day: Thurs 6 Feb
Good Friday: Fri 10 Apr
ANZAC Day: Mon 27 April (Mondaized)


Queen’s Birthday: Mon 1 June
HB Anniversary Day: Fri 23 Oct
Labour Day: Mon 26 Oct


Educational Excellence and Success


The Charter is the schools guiding document and is an essential part of the overall structure that is used by the board, principal and staff to give direction and substance to the actions and work that they do.

The Charter is reviewed annually and input from the board, staff and parents. Input to this process from the school parent community is gained through consultation with them during the year. 

The Strategic Plan and Annual Plan, which are both part of the Charter are also attached as seperate documents below. 

Charter 2019 13 Feb.pdf1.12 MB
Annual Plan 2019.pdf243.9 KB
Annual Plan 2020.pdf241.77 KB
Charter 2020.pdf1.15 MB
Strategic Plan 2020.pdf694.46 KB
Strategic Plan 2019.pdf677.59 KB