Flemington School

Central Hawke's Bay • New Zealand

School Contact Details

Phone: 06 855 4860

Other Phone Line:
06 6509525

Email: office@flemington.school.nz

Principal: principal@flemington.school.nz

Upcoming events

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Term Dates 2021

Term 1: Tues 2 Feb —  Fri 16 April
Term 2: Mon 3 May — Fri 9 July
Term 3: Mon 26 Jul — Fri 1 Oct
Term 4: Mon 18 Oct —  Wed 15 Dec


Public Holidays:

  • Waitangi Day: Monday 8 Feb
  • Easter Friday: 2 April
  • Easter Monday: 5 April
  • Easter Tuesday: 6 April
  • Queen’s Birthday: Monday 7 June
  • HB Anniversary Day: Friday 22 October
  • Labour Day: Monday 25 October


Educational Excellence and Success

School Profile

Flemington School is a State, rural, co-educational school catering for students from year 1 to Year 8, situated about 20 kilometres south of Waipukurau, on a strip of property originally named ‘Boar Hills’. This name travelled all the way from Scotland with the Fleming family (Boar Hills is an area close to the St Andrews golf course in Scotland). The school was opened in 1908 and was situated at Viewfield until 1917. Opening again in 1918 the school was situated adjacent to the Purimu Stream bridge on land given to the Education Department by local landowner W.D. Fleming. Over the years the school closed and opened again, Wanstead, Hatuma, and Marakeke schools were closed and students were moved to Flemington, along with the Wanstead School building. Land was also purchased from W.D. Fleming at the more suitable site that the present day school resides on. Flemington School celebrated 100 years of schooling in the district in 2008, with a reunion held during Easter 2008.

The school staffing roll of 4.9 Full Time equivalents and is very well supported by the community to supply the best environment and learning it can. The school is heavily reliant on bus transport, with 95% of children bussing from their homes to school. The majority of the children are European with an approximate 13% Maori roll. Our school families consist of farm owners, farm workers, town workers and business owners. The majority of families live within, or in close proximity to the Flemington District. Some families live in town or in other country school areas but have chosen Flemington School as the preferred education centre for their children.

The school is serviced by the Dental Clinic in Waipukurau, the Technology Centre at Waipawa School, the Public Health Nurse, the Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour, and Special Education Cluster based in Waipawa, and through Hawkes Bay Health Eye and Ear testing.

There has been extensive building work completed over the years, which has come from space deficiency and other Ministry funding, and provides 4 classroom spaces, two small teaching spaces, a new library, a new staffroom, and a new office area. The most recent work, 2015, has been the second stage in remodelling the Chalets, where the junior children are taught, and also restructuring of the principal’s office and teacher workspace area. A Network Upgrade adds to the school’s improvements, with a connection to the Fibre Optics cables happening in 2013. Following this the school upgraded the wireless network and with the hardware being upgraded again in 2015 by the ministry. The school has access to the Flemington Community hall (situated adjacent to the school), good outdoor play areas, heated swimming pool, playing field, and several storage sheds. The Board and Community have been very proactive in increasing the shade sails coverage around the school with the latest sails installed in 2018 outside the Staffroom, library and 2 western classrooms.

A caring, supportive family atmosphere is apparent where children are encouraged to learn and develop both within and outside school. There is excellent parental/caregiver involvement in all school activities eg attendance, transport, working bees, in-class help, as well as Saturday sport. The school also maintains close liaison with the Flemington playgroup.

The school is the focal point of the community, which is served by the Playgroup, Flemington Community Hall, Volunteer Fire Brigade, Wanstead Polo Club and Pony Club. The parents and community have high expectations of the school to provide the children with well-rounded development in all areas of education.

What we do well
• High involvement in a wide range of Cultural, Sporting, and Academic activities
• Consistent expectations of behaviour
• High expectations of performance underpinned by clear guidelines
• Active involvement of parents and community
• A unified Staff, Board of Trustees and community
• Encourage the understanding and ownership of things and actions that affect learning